If you are you are worried about your carbon footprint, here’s something to think about the next time you need to shop for something new for your home or apartment.

By shopping at estate sales, you can still have nice things while you strive to Save the Planet!

Wanting nice things to create a welcoming home doesn’t have to have an impact on our planet.  When you purchase items from estate sales you are recycling!  Yes, indeed you are recycling things and reducing the need for “new” things to be manufactured.

Best of all?  By shopping estate sales – you have access to some really cool stuff.   Whether you buy an antique or a contemporary piece, you will be able to purchase items that may not have been in your budget if you were to shop at a retailer.  You’ll be amazed to learn that you will even be spending less than you would at discount retailers that sell cheaply made furniture you have to —– BUILD yourself!   Many advantages come to mind when I think about shopping estate sales, you can find:

  • Amazing high-quality items for so much less money
  • Unique, cool things to create your “own” style
  • Antiques and collectables that bring back lost memories
  • Contemporary pieces that are gently used
  • Pieces that you can refinish to create the look you want

I bet you’ll find reasons of your own to love shopping estate sales.  So, why not give it a try today and see if you find an item or two, or ten!  The best part of shopping estate sales at Manor Born is that you get to buy from dealers all over the country – and that means you have access to an enormous treasure trove every time you visit the site.

ManorBornEstateSales.com – the treasure hunt starts here.

Mother earth says, “thank you”.




Millennials continue to create the new normal. Strapped with college loans, they are marrying, buying houses and starting families later than the previous generation. They are more savvy about how they spend their money – because they are focused on paying off their debt.
As millennials move out of their parents’ homes, or shared apartments they are looking for ways to decorate their new homes with unusual items – that won’t break the bank. They aren’t headed to Ethan Allen to buy furniture, but they want to go higher end than the IKEA that they have lived with for the past five years.
Upcycling (using items in new and different ways) has become a very popular way for millennials to furnish their homes with unusual, high quality items.
Millennials aren’t the only ones jumping on this trend to reimagine interesting uses for antiques. Specialty retailers, decorators, restaurant designers, office designers and movie producers are looking for pieces that they can use to create the image they are after.
If you have a flair toward originality – and a creative eye – you can create a space that reflects your unique personality. A space filled with one of a kind items that has friends, family, coworkers and clients asking, “how do I find items like that for my place?”.
At ManorBornEstateSales we know the value of every item that is listed on our site, whether it be explicit – or reimagined. Join the fun today, always free to register, sell and shop.
The treasure hunt starts here…. www.manorbornestatesales.com
Looking for inspiration? Visit sites like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter for ideas on how to repurpose items from days past.

Above all – have fun on the journey and bring a friend along with you.

Kimberly – Chief Treasure Hunter